The Bug's End Privacy Policy

The Bug’s End will never sell or share your personal information with anyone else, period. We utilize the information you provide to get in touch with you to help with your pest control needs.

How Do We Keep Your Information Safe?

We are dedicated to protecting and securing your personal information.

Our security measures include the following:

  • Data encryption: regular cyber security evaluations of all service providers who may handle your personal data; daily system vulnerability testing; security rules that safeguard the entire IT infrastructure from external assault and illegal access. 

What You Can Do To Assist In Data Protection

We will never send you an email asking you to confirm your bank account or payment card information.

If you receive an email from “The Bug’s End” requesting that you do so, ignore it and do not answer. If you are using a computer in a public place, we recommend that you log out and close the website browser after completing any online transaction.

In addition, we urge that you take the following security precautions to improve your online safety in general:

  • Maintain the secrecy of your account credentials. Keep in mind that anyone who knows your password has access to your account.
  • Use at least eight characters when generating a password. It’s better to use a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers.
  • Do not use your name, email address, or any other easily accessible personal information.
  • We also urge that you update your passwords for any critical accounts on a regular basis.