Is Pest Control Safe for Pets?

Are You Wondering if Pest Control is Safe for Your Pets?


What started out as an ambitious idea to work with nature to address pest problems many years ago has grown into a nationally approved technique that saves the environment and money and minimizes pesticide use.


In addition to being good to the surrounding ecosystem, our treatments will get rid of unwanted pests that have found their way into your home or business, while also being safe for children and pets. 

Our Pest Control Service is Both Safe & Effective

Our service is guaranteed to be both safe and effective.


It’s simple to tell if you’re pest control company is pet-friendly or not. Does the technician start by looking for the pests that have been reported and estimating the size of the infestation? Has the service provider given you information on the pests’ life cycle, which sheds light on the most effective techniques for eradication and prevention? Will the pest exterminator examine your property and deal with any extenuating circumstances? Does the service include a post-treatment strategy to prevent the recurrence of pests like bugs, rodents, and wildlife?


These are all indications that the pest control company you’ve chosen is experienced and able to get rid of pests while keeping pets and children safe.

Some Pest Control Services Can Endanger Pets

People often go to great lengths to read web articles about pet friendly pest control to keep their fur babies safe. These articles frequently suggest specific pet-safe bug sprays, different non-toxic chemicals, or age-old cures like diatomaceous earth. These remedies can be beneficial, especially if you’re wanting over-the-counter options, however, they will often cause pets or children to become ill, if used improperly. When our pets and children are at risk, it’s best to call a professional.




When using pest control methods, it’s not just what you are spraying that’s important but also where you chose to spray it.


And remember the EPA’s cautions against businesses who combine pest control services with unrelated products, or give temporary on-the-spot discounts, or knock on your door without an appointment. These door to door exterminators most likely won’t provide pest control that is safe for you or your pets.


At The Bug’s End Pest Control, we are concerned about your pets in the same way that we are concerned about preventing the recurrence of your pest problems. We have many years of pest management experience, so we know what it takes to get rid of bothersome insects, rodents, and wildlife for good.

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