How to Eliminate Ants From Your Home

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Ants are a pest that is extremely prevalent, bothersome and challenging to get rid of. When they locate a food supply, they let the other ants in their colony know where it is and start one of their distinctive foraging lines. Once that occurs, you might notice that a surface like a table or a countertop starts to serve as a thoroughfare for these little vermin. Today we’re going to talk about how to eliminate ants from your home.


The Importance of Getting Rid of Ants

Ants may appear in several other locations throughout the house as they look for food, and because they are so small, you might not notice them until they are right next to you or have taken over your entire house.

Even though ants are among the friendliest and most gentle bugs you can find in your house; their presence can easily make you feel mentally exhausted. Additionally, ants are known to contaminate food for humans, and some species can harm you or damage your property. Ideally, we want to keep our homes or place of business as ant-free as we can for these reasons.

Dangers of Having an Ant Infestation

When people worry about a pest infestation causing harm to their property or illness for their families, ants are typically not the first insect that comes to mind. But if left to wander unchecked, ants do pose their own set of dangers.

  • Stings: If you approach or pose a threat to the nests of some ants, particularly red imported fire ants, they may sting you. One sting won’t hurt much, but if many of them attack you at once (which is more likely to happen), you could suffer serious injuries. Depending on how a person responds, fire ant stings can be hazardous and, in the most extreme cases, even fatal. If you have a severe fire ant attack, get help right away.
  • Contamination: Meal contamination is a possibility with each ant that gets into your food. These insects can readily pick up hazardous germs that can render food inedible because they dwell underground and crawl over dirt, debris, and anything else on their path to seek a source of food.
  • Property damage: Carpenter ants, like termites, build their houses out of wood. They are not as dangerous or destructive of a nuisance as termites, but if they are allowed to burrow about unchecked, they can still harm your home.

In Closing

Ants are a general nuisance because of their overwhelming population. Although a marching line of ants isn’t particularly concerning, it’s preferable to get rid of it right away. However, for some homeowners, particularly those who like to keep a tidy house, seeing a significant number of ants in the house and not understanding how to get rid of them can be a challenging problem to address.

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When dealing with this type of insect, we don’t recommend DIY treatments that can be potentially dangerous for elderly loved ones, children, and fur babies. If you want to know how to completely eliminate ants from your home or business, you need a professional exterminator, so call The Bug’s End today for a FREE estimate.