Recently we have been getting a lot of really bad roach jobs.  Not only are they unpleasing to look at, they can also carry several types of bacteria that can be really bad for our health.

Most people know about the fire triangle.  Fire can’t happen unless you have oxygen, heat, and fuel.  Roaches have kind of the same thing going on.  They need heat, water or moisture, and food.  Without any of those things it’s going to be very hard for the roaches to hang out and build a large population.  In this blog, I am going to talk about how you can keep the roach population down.

First part of the roach triangle, is heat.  Roaches, like us, are tropical creatures.  Unlike us, though, they can’t regulate their body temperature.  When they are cold, they basically just stand around and don’t move.  It would help if we were willing to keep our house at 50 degrees or so, but most of us are not.  It may not matter anyways because many of our appliances put out heat.  There is not a whole lot that we can do make this part of the roach triangle work for us. So, moving on to the second part.

Water or moisture, is what we can at least keep down.  You should check all of your pipes for leaks periodically.  That’s the obvious way for roaches to get water.  Appliances, like your refrigerator or a coffee maker, condensate.  Condensation is enough moisture to keep a roach population growing and strong.  Most of the worst roach infestatons in a house are always right behind the refrigerator.

The third part of the roach triangle is food.  It’s very important to take out the trash once or twice daily.  Also, after you eat, wash the dishes right away so they can’t get remaining food on our plates.  Cleaning behind the refrigerator and stove will get rid of food that falls back there.  The first thing I do in a bad roach job is move the refrigerator and stove.

Sometimes the reason people can get roaches can be just bad luck.  You can bring them with you when you move.  Roaches are very hardy creatures, they can eat glue, soap, cardboard, and many other things made of plants or animal fats.  They will also eat each other.  The young ones actually eat the poop of the adults.  That’s both neat and nasty!!!

When it gets to a certain point, you may not be able to get rid of them yourself, and when that happens give us a call!!!

Shane Young

The Bug’s End

Operations Manager