Recently, I saw this story on the local news about people catching hogs and how land owners could call their local animal control so that they could set you up with a pest control professional who deals with hogs.  I thought I should be one of the guys they call for hog jobs.  So I gave them my name and number and it has really worked out for me so far.  In the two weeks since I did that, I have got probably about five calls.  No hog round ups yet, so far it has all been work in people’s attics.  People have been calling me about, squirrels, birds and such.  This week’s blog is about one of those calls.

I got a call while I was in Center doing a WDI.  It’s amazing I got the call because Verizon sucks in the Center-San Augustine area.  The elderly woman had called telling me she had some birds in her attic.  I thought easy enough, block off the open areas of the attic, wham bam, done.  Well, the next day I did all that, and told the customer if they heard it after about a week give me a call and I will go back and check it out.

She calls me two days later, she still heard it.  I said “OK, it’s probably stuck in the attic, give it a few more days and let us see if it stops singing.”  Well, she still heard it after three more days.  My girlfriend had had surgery that weekend and I couldn’t go back till that Monday.  So all weekend I was dreading going back into that attic.   This attic at the center was about two feet high and you have to crawl through the entire thing.  The first time I went up there I was drenched with sweat when I came back down about an hour later.

So I decided if I have to go back I will go in the morning when it’s cooler, so I call her up and tell her I am coming first thing Monday morning.  I couldn’t sleep because I was dreading this attic.  I got up at six (way too early for me), left by seven and was there by eight.  Got everything ready and knocked on the door.  She opened the door and let me in, I took five steps in and heard this chirping noise.

She said “Did you hear that, that’s it.”  I couldn’t help but smile.  I said “If anyone ever tells you the Lord doesn’t have a since of humor, you tell them to give me a call.  That is not a bird.”  Her next question was “Well, what is it?”  Who knows what was going through her mind, for all she knew it could have been something much worse than a bird.  Turns out, her smoke detector battery was going out and it was letting her know.  For whatever reason, it didn’t think it would be prudent to tell me the first time I was there.  So I took it down and changed the battery for her.  Then I told her about the rule about spring forward and changing batteries in the smoke detectors.

The one thing that I like the most about this job is you never know what’s going to happen next.  It tends to make life a little more exciting.  After working other jobs that are based on routine day in and day out, this job gives me one more reason to wake up in the morning, if nothing more than just to see what’s to come.