They had called another pest control company and got no result. The squirrels were still there.  Before that, they called one of the big name pest control companies and they refused to even attempt the job.  Then they called us, The Bug’s End.

They had had problems with these things for several months.  The big name company didn’t really care about that.  Animal problems almost always take more than one trip out to the house to end the problem and they didn’t want any part of that.  The other pest control company didn’t understand or didn’t care to actually address the problem.

The problem was that there was a tear in the screen of the gable vent on one side of the house.  How you can get rid of squirrels without closing up their access to get into the house is beyond me.  To my detractors, yes, you could kill the entire population of flying squirrels in a five mile perimeter, but short of a small nuclear devise, this isn’t going to happen and believe me, getting the government to give you a small nuclear weapon is not going to happen.  Besides it would probably destroy your house ending the need to kill an entire population of flying squirrels.

We at The Bug’s End are not only worried about ending your current problem, we are also concerned with ending the problem for the foreseeable future.  The other pest control company did set some snap traps and let us say they did kill all the squirrels getting into the attic (unlikely).  What’s to stop the next infestation of more squirrels, or worse bats, or who knows what.  The only long term solution was to close off the hole in the screen to the attic and then deal with flying squirrels.

This is one of those cases when you have to be smarter than the squirrel, and I am.  The Bug’s End is licensed by the state of Texas to trap fur-bearing animals in and around your house (most pest control companies are not).  Whenever possible we don’t kill the offender in question.   So whenever you have an animal in or around your house that you don’t want, give us a call and let’s see what can be done.  No job too big or too small.

Shane Young

The Bug’s End

Operations Manager