Straight from the life and times of a pest control expert.  This was the most interesting call we have received at The Bug’s End to this point so far.

I was at a customer’s house this morning when I got a call.  The first thing this person said was that she was a lawyer.  Now, as a business you really don’t want lawyers calling you up out of the blue, but I did nothing wrong as she was calling about a client of hers.  Her client’s grandmother had 7 cats and it had got to the point that she couldn’t take care of them anymore.  We the lawyer said she had seen many episodes of “Billy the Exterminator” and thought she should try some pest control companies and see if one of them could help out her client.  Well, she called me.

She told me the situation and I said, “Yes ma’am, we can do that”.  So a few minutes later I got a call from the actual client and told me a little more and I said I would meet her at the house.

I showed up at the house and met her and we walked around the house.  If you don’t know what cat urine smells like, you should visit this house and you will never forget it again.  If a stench could kill, this would have been it.  When I met her she had just got something to eat and she didn’t want to eat in the house. I couldn’t really blame her, so I got to work one kitty at a time.

Now being a cat owner all my life, I thought this would be a little coaxing and the cats would be gone. I have never been more wrong in my life.  After about 10 minutes of chasing cats, I decided that I would come up with a different game plan.

I had them trapped in a bathroom where 6 of them were hiding.  This bathroom also had the washer and drier in it as well, and behind those were the cats.  I had a Snarem Pet Capture Noose, which is basically a pole with a noose on it.  Now, I have caught my own cats with it, but they are pretty slow. I would need to slip it up over their head, then take them and put them in a live trap.  I only have four that are big enough to hold a cat.   I thought I would be able to put more than one in a trap, but the thought of having one get out and having to trap it again killed me.  It took around two hours for the first three cats.

After that I remember the client saying one was in the bed room and was friendly.  After the first three, I could use a friendly one.  The cat was friendly, until I got it in the noose and it turned unfriendly very quickly.  But I got it in the trap.

Then I decided that I needed a break, and besides that, the cats were really starting to figure out my strategy. Therefore, I needed to come up with a new one.  The important part was that there were four down, and three to go.

I took the first 4 to the humane society.  While I was there, I called up a co-worker and we decided to go after the cats together.  Now there was only one cat left in the bathroom.  With me on one side and the co-worker on the other, there were able to get it with the noose.  Five down, two to go.

But where were the other two?  I looked behind the stove and there was one.  We tried to get it right then, but it escaped and ran into the bathroom.  Same plan as last time.  Six down, one to go.

Now where is the last one?  We finally looked behind a mattress on its side, and there are not one, but two cats.  Before our very eyes these things are making carbon copies of themselves.  As I peak behind the mattress, one of them darts out and back to the bathroom, but the other is still there.  So with me closing off one side, and my co-worker on the other, we get the noose over its head and get it into another trap.  That’s seven down and one to go.

The last cat was in the bathroom, and it was a little quicker and more active than the others.  After I tried the before mentioned tactic and failed a couple of times, the cat is out in the open.   My co-worker actually caught the cat mid-jump with the noose.  He later told his friends, “The War Story”, as I like to call it.

There are a few things I learned from this.  You would not believe how much agility a cat has until you actually try to catch a semi-tame one.  I actually had cats climbing up the walls.  Also with this job, you never know what tomorrow will bring.  Another thing I learned was that I watch too much TV.  Have you ever seen that video clip of the animal control guy with the cat and it somehow gets loose and bites the guy in the area no guy should ever be bitten?  That image was in my mind the entire time this was going on.

All and all, it’s kind of sad.  Taking the cats to the humane society almost ensures they will be euthanized. Because of the fact that the cats cannot be released, or find a new home.  They seemed very scared throughout the whole ordeal.  The grandmother, whose husband had just died a month ago, will now lose what she called, “Her babies”.  She was in the hospital when all this was going on.

The cats were being held in a condition that could be called animal abuse, because they were in their own feces.  The grandmother couldn’t really take care of herself anymore, much less the cats too.  Just living in that house with the smell and the bacteria was not good for her health.

Well with that I am off to bed, to get ready for tomorrow (a tomorrow with no cats, hopefully).  Hope you all have a great day, and give The Bug’s End a call for all your pest/animal control needs.

Shane Young

Operations Manager

The Bug’s End