General pest control and other types of insects we find and exterminate.

Pest Control Appointments

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We can treat for Roaches, Spiders, Ants, Earwigs, and any insect in your house or within the drip line of your house. Insects are not only unpleasing to the eye, they can carry various forms of bacteria. For example, roaches can transmit different forms of the disease gastroenteritis that can lead to food poisoning, dysentery, and diarrhea.  We have a solution for complete roach control, ant control, fleas, ticks, spider control and general insect control.

If your have problem with roaches, spiders, ants or other insects here in Tyler, Longview or the surrounding areas here in East Texas, contact us now.

We offer a one-time or initial treatment for only $100.00. It comes with a three-month warranty and should you see any insects in that three month period, give us a call and we will treat it for free.

We also offer quarterly treatments, with each quarter costing $75.00 after the first initial treatment. The quarterly treatment also comes with a three month warranty.

Unlike other pest control companies, we do not require a contract. If you decide you no longer want our service, we will stop the treatments at no additional cost to you.

  • Pricing: we have a very reasonable pricing structure.


Pest In Outbuildings, or other concerns outside the your home
The Bug’s End, while not included in the home pest treatment, can treat for fleas, ants, flying insects, ect. that might be on your property, outside your home.

Whether or not it is the common house mouse, norway or roof rats, we do provide rodent exclusion. For $200.00 we will rid your house of the rodents and do a full inspection of the house to find out how they are getting in, and then get with you to talk about what needs to be done to fill the gaps in your house. There are holes in plumbing areas and others that do not require carpentry. We will be able to fill those types of holes ourselves. Humane ways of ridding your house of rodents are available. Mice and rats can pose a major health risk, they are known to carry salmonella and leptospirosis.

While they can be a pest, bees are very beneficial to the environment. You may have heard in the news that bees are disappearing world wide, and that the best ecologists can’t explain why. Whenever possible we will remove the bees without killing them by moving them to a local bee keeper for honey production.

Sometimes this does require cutting into walls to eradicate this pest. To effectively remove them we must treat the pest and then remove the hive. Costs will vary on the size and location of the hive.

We have various approved methods for eradicating pests here in Tyler, Longview and the surrounding areas here in East Texas

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