Welcome to my first blog, EVER. I am usually not one to do something like this, but it sounded like fun. In this section, about once a week, I will talk about different issues in the pest control industry and interesting things that have happened to me and our business.

While The Bug’s End is a new business, we have been in the pest control business for two years now. The story of The Bug’s End started with our owner, Danny Young, after being laid off from the forestry industry after thirty-two years. He found out that being 55 and needing a job wasn’t an easy prospect. So after looking around at different opportunities, he started Eye Spy Home Inspections. It started out slow like most new business, but eventually got so busy, that today, he is getting four to seven jobs a week.

What does a home inspection have to do with The Bug’s End? I thought you would never ask. Home inspections usually have to with the buying and selling of homes and some lenders ask to have what is called a Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDI). Then for a while he was calling someone else to come do the WDI report when he thought, why I can’t do this myself. After all, during a home inspection you are looking over the whole house and trying to find termites and other wood destroying insects anyway.

He got his license and was contracted with a company out of San Antonio called Termn8. Not only did he do the WDI’s, but also started to treat for termites and other pest. After a year of doing them by himself, he decided that it was time to bring in someone else in, that someone happened to be me, Shane.

While Eye Spy Home Inspections is still doing great, the pest control part of the business was basically working off of the home inspection customers. So, the idea for The Bug’s End came about to bring our pest control services to the masses with the same attitude for customer service that has made Eye Spy Home Inspections a success.

Well, so far, that’s it, the story of The Bug’s End. We have been open for about a month now, and are working to expand our reach in East Texas. Feel free to look around our website any feedback would be greatly appreciated. The first 10 customers to write a testimonial on our web site gets 10% off any pest control service.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all have a wonderful day,

Operations Manager
The Bug’s End