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Raccoons In The Attic

Raccoons In The Attic Raccoons are one of nature’s cuter animals.  They look soft and cuddly.  They have been in countless cartoons, movies, and more.  But, as always, there is a dark side to the raccoon.  They can be very destructive, and will eat just about anything.  Some bacterial diseases which affect raccoons are leptospirosis,…

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“New” Technology and an Older Generation

Recently, I saw this story on the local news about people catching hogs and how land owners could call their local animal control so that they could set you up with a pest control professional who deals with hogs.  I thought I should be one of the guys they call for hog jobs.  So I…

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My Arch Nemesis

Q.  Why did the termite eat a sofa and two chairs? A.  It had a suite tooth.   Q.  What did the termite say when he walked into the bar? A.  Where is the bar tender?   Q.  What does a termite eat for breakfast? A.  Oakmeal.   A termite walks into a bar and…

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The Roach Triangle

Recently we have been getting a lot of really bad roach jobs.  Not only are they unpleasing to look at, they can also carry several types of bacteria that can be really bad for our health. Most people know about the fire triangle.  Fire can’t happen unless you have oxygen, heat, and fuel.  Roaches have…

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