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Pest Control Longview Tx Various pests infest Longview homes and services each year. Bugs like ants, crawlers, rats, bed pests, roaches, termites, wild animals, and also fleas each reason various troubles for your home as well as residential property. Without professional therapy, these pests can spreading out illness, destructive individual things, and also contaminating food…

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Why Buy Local Products and Services?

We always see commercials about how all the big chains in our county can offer lower prices on the products we use every day, but has anyone ever stopped to see the high cost of low prices?  There are many advantages to buying local, in this week’s blog I am going to try to explain…

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A New Frontier

Welcome to my first blog, EVER. I am usually not one to do something like this, but it sounded like fun. In this section, about once a week, I will talk about different issues in the pest control industry and interesting things that have happened to me and our business. While The Bug’s End is…

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